Clear view burglar bars

Clear view security solutions makes use of the highest grade polycarbonate available. With our Clear Burglar bars, you get a tensile breaking point of close to 3000kg, it is no wonder the same material is used in police riot shields. 

With a UV resistance on both sides of our Clear Burglar Bars, they will not fade. Couple that with non-carrosive properties, and you have a care-free product where only light cleaning is needed. 

Not only does the product offer the client security, but it also adds to the opening of your living spaces. The alternative of steel bars adds a sensation of being locked up in your own home. Thankfully due to the opacity of the clear bars, this is not the case.

They come with a 10 year warranty against breakage and discolouration if cared for as per our instruction. 

Clear Bars on Black window
Armed burglar bar

clear view armed bars

Armed Bars provide the client with an aesthetically pleasing barrier that is fitted with Smart Bar technology. A world patent by View protect. Making use of the same material in our clear view bars, they provide the additional benefits:

– Integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system.

– Can be connected to almost all alarm systems.

– If the bar or connection is broken, it sets off the alarm.

– No need to arm/disarm.

security gates

Like all premium security gates found on the market today, our gates are constructed with a double row of 12mm square tubing making them robust and strong.

Our gates are constructed using special aluminium top and bottom inserts that offer unparalleled strength and longevity. Stainless steel roller bearings give the door a silky smooth operation and will never need servicing. We have low profile bottom tracks to help prevent tripping, no need to recess your floors unnecessarily.

Our security doors feature a double locking mechanism, one slam lock and one deadlock. A specially designed lock bar makes it difficult for prying tools and tampering. 4 rows of X style connecting braces on standard door heights give the door a stylish uncluttered appearance and the high quality powder coating doesn’t only give the door a modern look and feel but will also ensure that the door lasts far beyond the guarantee period.

Security Gates


– We offer a 10 year warranty on our bars if cared for as instructed:

  • Wash with mild soap or water.
  • No Abrasive cleaners should be used with alcohol or chemicals

– We offer a 5 year warranty on our gates, with a 2 year warranty on the locks

Polycarbonate is a lightweight durable thermoplastic. It is impact resistant and able to withstand up to 3000kg of pressure before breaking. 

Polycarbonate also boasts a UV covering that prevents it from disclouring from the suns harmful rays. 

It is used in a multitude of applications, ranging from riot shields, Windscreen for Gautrain carriages and fighter pilot jets. 

We have roughly a 3-5 day lead time from acceptance of quotation to installation on polycarbonate bars – no waiting weeks for installations!

Our gates have a 5-10 working day leading time for manufacturing after final measurements have been taken by the manufacturing team. 

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