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Clearview Security Laminate

Window films are made using high-tech processes and their use with existing and new glazing systems can enhance your everyday working and living environment.

Window films are not to be confused with tinted windows on vehicles and buildings.

Window films are used by architects and designers which use these glazing systems as a major part of construction. Window films enhance these systems to provide cost-effective solutions for energy savings all year round, but most of all, provide the user with a greater sense of safety and security.

Our product offers the following:

•    150 Micron Thickness
•    0.775 Colour Transmittance
•    0.16 Solar Energy Absorbance
•    0.065 Reflectiveness
•    0.99 UV Block

Clearview Decorative/Solar Laminate

At Clear View Security Solutions  we cater for the following market requirements. Smash and Grab Safety & Security film for Residential and Commercial buildings as well as various heat and sun resistant film for the architectural industry.
Available in clear or tint, Clear View Security Solutions:
•    protects you from glass splinters should you have an accident in your office or your home
•    reduces solar energy by up to 44% and blocks up to 99% of UV rays, lowering glare, increasing your comfort, reducing excessive heat and helping to prevent skin conditions such as premature aging and cancer
•    protects your house/office blinds/curtains, carpets, artworks, furnishings and flooring from fading
•    is corrosion-resistant

Clearview Decorative Laminate

Enhance your property with a stunning range of modern or classic decorative designs whether it's your home, office or shop front. Frosted window laminate will attract interest by adding style and class.

Why not add some decorative elegance to the setting beyond your windows. Give your ordinary glass a customised appearance with frosted laminate.

The unique feel created by frosted window laminate adds value to your property with its up market looking finish. This product enhances your surroundings, allows natural sunlight into your space and still offers you privacy from the outside world without darkening the room .

Environmental Advantages: it filters 95% of the UV rays which fade carpets & curtains; saves energy by keeping out summer's heat; helps to retain warmth in winter. It softens harsh sunlight by diffusing glare, allowing just the right amount of light into a room.


•     Vinyl frosting applied to existing glass
•    Onsite application - No Glass removal/damage
•    Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays but still allows natural light through
•    Large variety of designs available
•    Residential & Commercial

Designs can be replaced to suit your changing needs , whether you want privacy, decoration or both.