About Clear View Security Solutions

Clear View Security Solutions are a trusted supplier to the South African public. Seeing a need to improve on the Steel Burglar Bars that are a commonplace in the South African home, we sought out suppliers for an alternative. Due to this need, our imported Clear Bars have been tested through the University of Stellenbosch. Therefore, this ensures that the bars being provided, are of the best quality available.

Polycarbonate is becoming a staple within the security industry. We are proud to be one of the first to offer it as a solution to our clients. Polycarbonate ensures you are secured without spoiling your view. Clear View Security Solutions also offer an additional security measure, in that not only are our Clear Burglar Bars of a premium quality, but there is also the option to have them connected to your alarm system. This is a world patent from View Protect. It is a world first, and a product that is well received by those in free-standing homes.

To round off the home, we also offer a selection of both Trellis type gates, as well as steel Swing gates. These too are made from only the best available steel and aluminium components. We ensure that the lives of our clients are of ultimate importance. We look forward to working with you in assessing and addressing any security needs you may have in your home, office or retail park.

Reasons to choose Clear View Security -

  • 10-Year Warranty on our Polycarbonate Bars
  • Owner Operated
  • One of the longest running Clear Bar installers
  • High attention to detail

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