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Clear View Security Solutions has been a trusted supplier, and installer to the Southern African public for half a decade. As an installer of the highest grade Polycarbonate burglar bars, one is able to make use of our services, knowing that no short-cuts have been taken in order to supply only the best available products.

Our products are manufactured overseas, and not available at your local “plastic” stores as some fly-by-night companies make use of. Rest easy knowing that our Polycarbonate bars are of a premium quality. Clear View Security Solutions offer an additional security measure, in that not only is our Polycarbonate bars of a premium quality, but there is also the option to have them connected to your alarm system. This ensures that there is an additional layer of security to keep one safe.

To round off the home, we also offer a selection of both Trellis type gates, as well as steel Swing gates. These too are made from only the best available material and not available in your local hardware store. We ensure that the lives of our clients are of ultimate importance.

Optical Quality
Fire Resistant
10 Year Guarantee
Impact Resistance

What We Offer

Transparent Standard Bars

We all would like to live in a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately the reality of our countries high crime statistics, forces us to protect ourselves by installing burglar bars and alarm systems to increase our home security.

Transparent Armed Bars

The Armed Bar is a polycarbonate clear burglar bar that can be connected to any alarm system that is part of your home security system. The specially designed alarm wire is installed as part of the transparent burglar bar.

Security Gates

Clear View Security offers you, the client a further option of securing your home, giving you peace of mind when you are out, or safely in your own home.

some of our work

  • "Well done to Darryl and the team for such amazing service. If I had another property, I would do that as well"

    Marc van Rensburg

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